Pogo’s Food Menu

Pogo Mt Hawthorn

Our menu is designed to be shared amongst the table. So choose a number of dishes to enjoy with friends or if something catches your eye, have it for yourself!


Can’t decide? Let our chef take care of the food, so you can focus on having a good time. Trust our chefs to choose a variety of our favourite dishes

70 pp • Min 2 people


Please inform a staff member of any allergies or dietary requirements so our kitchen staff can accommodate accordingly.

  • GF Gluten free
  • DF Daily free
  • GFO Gluten free option
  • V Vegetarian
  • VO Vegetarian option
  • VG Vegan
  • VGO Vegan option



Pita Chips VG    6
Baharat salt

Gluten free   +1

Marinated Great Southern Olives VG GF  8
Rosemary, aleppo, fennel seed

House made Pickles GF VG  10
Seasonal pickled vegetables

House Baked Sourdough Flat Bread VG  12

+ Babaganoush                       

+ Garden Pea Tahini               6    

+ Almond Muhammara         6

Ord River Chickpea Hummus VG GFO   17
Native zaatar & aged tahini, crispy chickpeas, pita chips

Spiced Lamb Hummus  GFO DF   23
Pine nuts, pomegranate, burnt lemon , pita chips

Grilled Chorizo GF DF     15
Native zough, lemon

La Delizia Latticini Stracciatella  GF V  22
Heirloom tomatoes, macadamia dukkah, date balsamic

Grilled Prawns (4pc) GF    26
Grilled prawns, lemon aioli, green harissa

Snapper Ceviche  GF    22
Snapper, coriander, chilli, citrus dressing

Persian Duck Borek (2)    20
Wagin duck, native plum jam, tahini mayo and crispy bits

Fried Cauliflower GF V VGO  19
Herb labneh, harissa, pickle Cauliflower

Lebanese Beef Dumplings  20
Red spiced butter, yoghurt, crispy bits

Greens and Grains VGO GF   19
Charred summer greens, almond muhammara, goats feta

Grilled Halloumi GF    20
Honey, lemon myrtle, pistachio

BBQ Lamb Ribs (4pc) DF  24
Pomegranate molasses vinegar, sesame, spring onion

Lamb Koftas (3pc)  GF    24
Herb yoghurt, tomato harrisa, macadamia dukkah

Pogo Buttermilk Fried Chicken (8pc) 24
Aleppo butter, citrus yoghurt, pickled cucumber

Grilled Fremantle Octopus GF DF    32
Garden pea tahini, charred onions

Charred Pork Belly (5pc) GF DF  28
Green mango salad, Peach amba,pistachio

Harvey Beef Skirt Steak GF DF  26
Saltbush chermoula, Wattle seed babaganoush,,

Crispy Potatoes VGO GF    14
Tomato harissa, smoked yoghurt